Hellenic College's Semester of Faith

  • What is the Semester of Faith program?

    The Semester of Faith program makes it possible for students from other colleges to study at Hellenic College. Students enrolled in the program continue to earn credits toward their bachelor’s degrees while also exploring their faith more deeply through theological study and daily worship on our campus. Semester of Faith students are welcome and encouraged to participate in all other dimensions of our Hellenic College community as well.

  • Which classes are available to students participating in the Semester of Faith program?

    Semester of Faith students can select from a variety of classes, including Iconography, Byzantine Chant, Byzantine Art and Architecture, Literature of Vocation, World Religions, and Introduction to Orthodoxy. Offerings in Classics, Education, History, Literature, Management and Leadership, Philosophy, Psychology, and Theology are also available.

  • Who advises the Semester of Faith students as they work to choose classes aligned with their specific interests?

    With assistance from the Advising and Mentoring Program and the Registrar, students are able to create schedules that reflect their specific interests. Assistance is also provided to ensure that, when possible, course credits earned within the Semester of Faith program can be applied to the graduation requirements of a student’s home institution.

  • Following participation in the Semester of Faith, can students enroll at Hellenic College as full-time students?

    Yes! Students who come to Hellenic College for the Semester of Faith often choose to enroll as full-time students.

  • How can students apply to the Semester of Faith program?

    A prospective student can apply easily via the HCHC website. He or she should click on Admissions, then on Undergraduate Applicants, which includes a section for the Semester of Faith and email contact information. Interested students can also call the Admissions Office at 617-731-3500 ext. 1345.

Read what some Semester of Faith participants have to say:

“My Semester of Faith was an amazing experience! The semester that I spent at Hellenic College allowed me to form lifelong friendships with wonderful people who shared the same faith as myself. I was also able to explore all the classes I had always wanted to take, such as Philosophy, Introduction to Orthodoxy, and Byzantine Chant! It was also very spiritually formative to be able to attend Chapel every day and learn from great professors. Attending the Semester of Faith actually changed the course of my life! After taking a philosophy class at Hellenic College, I returned to my home university and switched my major to Philosophy. Now I am back at Hellenic College Holy Cross earning my master’s degree in Theological Studies!”


 “My experience in the Semester of Faith program was nothing short of life-changing. From the moment I walked onto campus, I felt a sense of belonging. I received the academic support that I needed and I immediately felt cared for by the professors and Administration who really valued my learning and success at Hellenic College. I was also spiritually uplifted by the support of many priests and Spiritual Fathers on campus, daily Chapel services, and religious electives available to me as a non-Religious Studies major. I also have formed lifelong relationships and met some of my best friends here. The Semester of Faith is an amazing opportunity that every young Orthodox Christian should consider.”  


“The Semester of Faith program at Hellenic College has significantly impacted my life in many positive ways. It allowed me to learn and develop in a unique and profound way due to the wonderful community and environment that is present on campus. The program led me to many wonderful lifelong friendships, while also providing the opportunity to pursue my love for music through the Byzantine Chant program. I enjoyed the semester so much that I decided to stay and complete my degree in the Human Development program.”